Newbrough Parish Council


Warden Parish Council


Parish Plan


Steering Group Committee

Minutes of the meeting held in the Town Hall on 17th June 2004 at 7.30


Susan S Steven, George B Shaw, John R Wood, Jackie Wood,

Judy Knights, Reverend Roger Cutler, Mike Kendrew, Michael W Gibson,

Ed Dixon, June Kendrew, John Moore, Chris Tolan-Smith

Clerk: Robert Macfarlane


Philip H Straker, Ian D Knights, Robert P Waugh, Bernie Burrows,

Colin Earnshaw (MTCT)

Chairman: Michael W Gibson was elected.

Vice Chairman: Ed Dixon was elected.

Treasurer/Secretary: Robert Macfarlane

Constitution: The clerk drafted a copy of the Countryside Agency suggested constitution. Members agreed to adopt the constitution with the proviso that membership is not restricted by numbers.

Good Practice for the Countryside Agency: All members have been given a copy.

Strategy: It was decided that a questionnaire delivered and collected from every household would be one of the most effective ways of communicating with the community. Other ideas were discussed. Planning for Real Design statement Youth Forum Information Week-end in the Town Hall.

Slaley Parish Plan questionnaire: Focus group will meet on 1st July to develop the questionnaire further. Chair Ed Dixon, John R Wood, Susie Steven, Chris Tolan-Smith, Ian Knights

Other possible groups:

Commercial and Business Interests: George B Shaw

Publicity: Rev Roger Cutler, Ian D Knights

Heritage and Environment: Chris Tolan-Smith

Senior Members of Community: Jackie Woods

Warden PC: Mike Kendrew, Philip H Straker

Newbrough PC: John R Woods, Michael W Gibson

Town Hall: June Kendrew

Sport/Recreation: Bernie Burrows, Robert Waugh, Ed Dixon

Health/Youth/Education: Susie Steven, John Moore

Traffic/Footpaths: John R Woods, (Ian D Knights)

Web site: is set up and awaits contributions.

Finances: Members were given an explanation of Grants that have been awarded for the Parish Plan and the role of the Parish Council.


Next meeting is to be held on Thursday 5th August at 7.30 in the Town Hall.