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Newbrough and Warden Parish Plan Steering Committee Constitution



               The name of the organisation shall be the Newbrough and Warden Parish Plan Steering Committee, hereafter referred to as the committee.



                The purpose of the committee shall be to act on behalf of the parish council to carry out the following tasks:


1    Investigate and identify support for the Parish Plan.

                2    Identify sources of funding in addition to the Countryside Agency grant.

3.   Take responsibility for planning, budgeting and monitoring expenditure on the plan and report back to the parish councils on these matters.

                 4.   Liaise with relevant authorities and organisations to make the plan as effective as possible.

5.   Identify ways of involving the whole community and gather the views and opinions of as many groups and organisations in the community as possible.

                 6.   Determine the types of survey and information gathering to he used.

7.   Be responsible for the analysis of the survey the production and distribution of the final report.

8.   Identify priorities and timescale for local action in the action plan including lead organisations and potential sources of project funding.

                 9.   To report back to the parish councils on progress, issues arising and outcomes from the exercise.



                The committee will include elected or nominated members and will include two members from each parish council.

Election to the committee will take place at a meeting open to the public. Any resident or person, particularly those representing a local group, may stand for election to the committee. Residents may also nominate representatives for election to the committee.

                The committee may co-opt additional members at its discretion, so long as the total number of co-opted members does not exceed the number of elected members.

            A person shall cease to be a member of the committee having notified the chair or secretary in writing of his or her wish to resign.



Chairman Michael W Gibson, a vice-chairman Ed Dixon, a secretary/treasurer Robert Macfarlane, All other committee members a publicity officer, and a volunteer coordinator etc should have a specific role, to be agreed by the committee.